Seeing Aura Colors

Seeing aura colors can be a unique and very enlightening experience. Using just a couple of these techniques you'll soon find yourself experiencing the world of seeing auras.

The first thing to remember when trying to see auras is what you are trying to "see" is really just energy. Many people have the ability to see auras just as naturally as looking at someone. However, personally I see them much easier with my eyes closed and it usually takes me a minute to focus in on what I'm perceiving.

If you're anything like me and you don't have a natural ability to see these energy fields don't worry. You're already well on your way to seeing them. Here we’ll take it step by step. Remember to be patient and have fun with it.

Exercise 1. Soften the Gaze

All of these exercises should be done with someone to practice with. First notice while your reading this text how each letter has sharp and clear lines. When looking your partner's energy field you should see just the opposite as when reading text.

Allow your gaze to become soft and at ease. Imagine how you would look out at a beautiful mountain in the distance. Your not trying to make out each rock and tree. When we gaze we take in everything, without expecting to see anything in particular.

Exercise 2. Notice the Glow

Ask your partner to stand in front of a light colored wall, preferably 4 to 6 feet away from the wall. Now with your soft gaze gently look at the wall past your partner just beyond the head and shoulders.

By allowing your mind and thoughts to relax you should now begin to see a glow or some kind of visual distortion around the neck, head and shoulders. if you can't see anything different try seeing with your eyes closed.

And if you still can't visually see anything, close your eyes and relax your thoughts. Now let go of expectations of trying to see visually. Then imagine reaching out with your feelings and try to perceive energy around the head and shoulders area.

Exercise 3. Color Matching

The first two steps are often enough for people to begin seeing aura colors. But if you haven't yet noticed the colors try this trick.

Say the word "Red", and then match the feelings of the word to what you are seeing or the feelings to what you're feeling from your partner’s energy field. Notice if the two sets of feelings match.

Next do the same with the word, "Orange" and repeat the steps. Say the word and then imagine the color or allow the feelings of the color to come through. Repeat this step with each of the primary chakra colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple. Just notice whatever comes up for you and share your experience with your partner.

As you continue to practice seeing aura colors you will begin to see or perceive them more clearly. Be patient and don’t rush the process. Once you begin to see colors this can be a beautiful experience. And remember that at first it’s perfectly okay to imagine seeing the colors. This will then open the door to eventually seeing the aura colors more naturally.

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