All About Auras

Everything all about auras that you ever wanted to know, or least a good start. How you can learn to see them, what do the colors mean, why do they glow, and lots more.

But let’s start out simple.

What Is An Aura

An aura reading is a form of psychic reading based on information either seen or discerned from your energy field, also known as the aura. This is different than simply being able to see auras.

Rather than just seeing colors, a person reading your aura may also see past life information, karmic patterns and even information that was established prior to your birth that you may have pre-planned for this lifetime.

Usually the person doing this type of reading interacts with your energy field. As a result, she may be able to learn about your soul history by asking questions of the energy itself.

How Does Aura Reading Work?

Aura reading works a little different for each person that’s doing the reading. The important thing to remember is that the reader is interacting with your aura energy. They are either seeing or perceiving colors, images or sometimes even detailed information through this energy.

Another important fact is that the information from the aura is all there but it will be filtered and interpreted by the person doing the reading. So if the person has a strong belief in past lives, or angels or spirit guides, she may have a tendency to see all of your current life situations through those filters.

As a result the reading will have a strong biased towards the readers own interpretations on the information coming from your aura energy. Conversely, if the reader has a strong belief that something does not exists, she may also miss some key information during the reading. This isn’t a negative but it should be kept in mind whenever you go for a reading.

These types of readings can be done either in person or from a distance. I sometimes find that it’s easier to read people over the phone because I’m not focused on anything other than my own internal perceptions.

Sometimes I’ll see images or movie-like scenes. But usually I receive impressions, which then cause me to ask further questions and get more psychic information. I usually ask the question out loud but I expect the answer to come from the aura energy and not from the person having the reading done.

Future Readings

I’m of the opinion that the best readers stay away from trying to predict the future. There is so much information available to the reader that can give insight and understanding to the person receiving the reading that to me it makes no sense to speculate on what might be or what might happen in the future.

Once you have a deeper understanding of the situation that you’d like changed or that may be troubling you, you then have the power to make changes within yourself. This is the real gift of receiving a reading.

While it is true that many of our hardships are planned prior to our birth, and a reading can give insights to these upcoming events, I’ve found that most people have an inner knowing and acceptance of these types of events in their life.

Rather than trying to predict the future, many readers would be well served by learning to gain more insights and understanding about the present feelings and energy blocks that are causing the unwanted situation or in the way of the goal.

With a good reading you can gain insights, release energy blocks and even bring back soul fragments that can then alter future circumstances.

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