The Chakras
and Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing your chakras can be an easy shortcut to enhancing your psychic abilities. And actually, just by opening and clearing these energy centers of the body the natural by-product will be an enhanced psychic awareness.

Anyone that’s ever tried it absolutely knows that the hardest way of trying to develop your psychic skills is by directly working to develop your psychic skills. I know it sounds weird, doesn’t it?
I should know because I’ve tried it all. Yes, I tried doing the exercises to see psychic visions. I’ve tried having a conversation to communicate with my spirit guide. But usually I ended up seeing what’s for dinner and talking to myself about it.

But let’s start at the top…

What Is A Chakra

Imagine that there is an energy running throughout the body, very similar to how the blood flows throughout our veins in our physical body. A chakra is a main energy center within the body where these “veins” of energy come together.

There are seven main energy centers running up the spine with the top most sitting just above the top of the head. Each chakra is like a small spinning ball of energy about the size of a golf ball or just a little smaller.

It’s this coming together of the various “flow points” throughout the body that make them so significant. And just like the arteries in the physical body can become clogged, these energy centers can also experience “blocks” that clog up the energy flow.

If all of our chakras were in complete flow, we would naturally experience harmony and a complete relationship with our spiritual and physical aspects of ourselves. In Chinese medicine there is also the belief that if they were all in complete flow and in balance that the physical body would be free from pain and disease.

Chakra Energy Flow

So if energy flow throughout the chakras is so important to life, how do they get so clogged and how do we clear them? That’s a question that’s been in debate for thousands of years by philosophers, healers and soothsayers the world over.

The entire system of Acupuncture is developed around trying to enhance the flow of energy. Many energy healing methods, such as Reiki, teach how to use energy to release blocks from the chakras and increase energy flow. Personally, I like to use a method of Emotional Release that I find clears away energy blocks by tapping into traumas from this life and/or from past lives.
The key point here is that clearing and developing the chakras enhances not just your psychic abilities but also enhances your emotional and physical well-being as well. Now let’s talk about a simple way to develop the chakras. Now this is a little different from the clearing that we previously discussed. Clearing energy is typically removing blocks of stuck energy. Developing is usually the process of strengthening the energy flow of the chakras.

Here’s a simple method for increasing the flow of each energy center.

By putting your attention on each center for just 5 minutes per day you’ll begin to notice your attention, awareness and intuition greatly increasing. And the bonus part about working with these energy centers, much like all of psychic development, is that even if you just pretend to know where they are and what they feel like that will also strengthen and develop them.

Getting started is the hardest part. What I usually do (when I’ve gone a while without meditating and I want to get started again) is start with the Sacral Chakra. That’s just a couple of inches below the belly button.

To give myself an “attention boost” I’ll gently scratch my area just about two fingers below my navel. I then focus on the physical sensation of where I just scratched. I then hold my focused attention on that spot until my mind starts to wander. Yep, that happens to pretty much all of us.

I do this a few times until I can begin to feel the underlying energy or “heat” sensation from within. I then move to my Heart Chakra and do the same thing.

One easy way to find your Heart Chakra is to extend your arm out to your side. Now say the word, “Me” and point to yourself. For almost everyone you will find that you’re pointing directly at your own heart energy center.

Once again just give a little scratch and focus on the physical sensation until you can begin to feel the feelings from within. You may not feel anything other than the physical sensation the first time, or the next.

If you’re anything like me you may not feel it for several weeks or months. But you probably will begin to notice interesting subtle (or not so subtle) changes in your life, your health or your awareness within just a couple of weeks of practice.

Start with just these two chakras and then play with it a little. I know that you’ll begin finding your existing psychic abilities expanding and maybe even a few more appearing.

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