What Is An Empath?

A natural empath is someone that is born with the psychic ability to read the feelings or emotions of other people, places, or in some cases, even from objects. Although this ability can also be developed.

We are all born with the ability to feel and perceive emotions from other people but we learn to turn these psychic abilities off in childhood. Adults will scold children for their blatant ability to simply speak honestly.

What adults don’t recognize in these children is that much of the information that they are receiving and observing is coming from their feelings from people. And usually the children themselves don’t realize that they are receiving information psychically.

So really, we are all natural empaths from birth. The difference in some people is that they maintain these abilities. Or it could be said that the ability never goes away and continues to develop.

The Unknowing Psychic

I personally have natural empathic abilities. I grew up with these skills and I've learned to both develop them and to block them when needed.

Most natural psychics are not aware that they are any different than any other kid in the playground until they learn that their friends can’t see things like ghosts walking around or the aura colors around people’s bodies. But for the child with empath skills the abilities present more of a challenge because the psychic “information” is often felt or perceived as the child’s own emotions, thoughts or sensations.

People with these skills will often feel the emotions of other people but as their own. It can get a little confusing when we’re around overly emotional people. In my own case, once I learned that I was sensitive to feeling other people’s pains and emotions I was able to block the feelings out by just realizing that the feelings were not mine.

On the positive side, I find that I do break out laughing when I’m around other people that are laughing. And this happens even during really bad jokes.

When someone with these feeling-psychic skills attempts to “read” another person the feelings will often come up as their own. So the person with these abilities can offer a detached view of what they are experiencing for the person that they are reading.

I often find that having these skills has had it's share of rewards and pitfalls. On the positive is that I can easily pick up on the feelings and emotions of other people. But on the downside, it was a long learning experience to realize that many of the feelings that I was having were really not my own. If this has been your experience as well I'd suggest learning to differentiate between the feelings of other people and your own.

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