Is Levitation Real?

Is levitation real? Can people really float up into the air? Is it really possible for humans to fly through the air like Superman?

I’m going to answer this question from my own personal experience. This isn’t something that I read out of some old text and it’s not just some belief of what is possible. This is my own experience.

As I’ve written about on other pages, I once studied with a spiritual teacher for many years. Being around this teacher was an amazing experience. During this time I witnessed many things that I would have thought to be impossible. Things that people would claim to be miracles.

Many accounts of the types of miracles that I experienced can be found in the book, "Lifetimes," by Frederick Lenz. In this book his students recount their own experiences and miracles witnessed during their time with Rama, including levitation.

Layers of Reality

But to better understand my own experience and to answer the question, is levitation real? I’ll first need to give some background information on what Rama referred to as, “Layers of Reality”.

Rama would often say that the reality that most of us know and are familiar with is the world of physical matter. Everything that we can see, touch, hear and smell is what we call “real”. But there are more layers to reality than just the physical layer.

And it was in these other realities that “miracles” could be made to manifest. When the miracles took place in these other realities, there would be a corresponding effect in the physical reality.

He would then instruct his students how to access these other layers of reality by stilling the thoughts and letting go of judgement. This was very similar to meditation practices, which were also part of the training.

So as a student of Rama’s, we learned to “follow him” as he switched his attention from one dimension to the next.

What Is A Miracle?

What I’ve come to learn is that what is a miracle in one layer of reality is just normal in another layer. This is similar to flying (or levitation) while you are dreaming.

Many people report to having dreams where they are flying. But when they wake up, that ability no longer exists... until when once again their dreams give them access to that ability.

Is Levitation Real?

On several occasions I attended lectures with Rama. Some of my favorites times would be when he held talks in a large lecture hall.

During a given time Rama would begin to meditate, sitting quietly on stage. He then would appear to float up off his chair and float around the room. During this time he remained in a state of meditation the entire time.

But here is where all the previous paragraphs come together...

When Rama began to meditate, my mind and my body became at peace. I was quiet and still in body, mind and emotions. I was not “thinking”.

As he began to float around the room I would sometimes catch myself thinking, “Is this real? Is this even possible?”

It was in those moments when I would blink my eyes. The room seemed to suddenly loose the translucent quality that had existed just a moment before and Rama would be seated with his eyes closed on stage at the front of the auditorium.

As I relaxed my gaze and just allowed the experience to exist, I could once again see him floating around the room.

So is levitation real? I believe that it is, although I’m not sure if it’s real in the physical reality. However, in his book, "Surfing the Himalayas," by Frederick Lenz, Rama describes his own adventures with his teacher that was able to float up the Himalyan mountainsides.

In this book I found some very interesting insights to this topic. The young apprentice asks the master if it would be possible for him to learn how to float up the mountain on his own. The master responds that it is a very time-consuming and difficult task to learn and that he would be much better off learning to perfect his own life first.

It is for this reason that I have personally never chose to pursue learning this skill, although I do know that there are meditation techniques that claim to be able to teach this as a skill. I encourage my students to develop their own psychic abilities to continue to pursue a life of personal fulfillment.

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