What Is Psychic Healing?

Psychic healing is the treating of physical, mental or emotional maladies using psychic abilities and energy. There are several methods and techniques used to accomplish the healing but the common trait is that is done without medical intervention or prescribed medicines.

Among the more popular forms are Reiki, Pranic Healing and Prayer. One method not really considered to be psychic healing, but still very similar, is Energy Medicine. The most popular of these is the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT.

While some forms focus on healing the physical body, other forms focus on healing the energy body. Methods such as Reiki seek to use energy to heal the affected physical body, or emotions. While EFT seeks to remove the emotional or energetic blocks that prevent the flow of energy from running smoothly from the body.

Does It Work?

Many people have reported relief from symptoms resulting from psychic healing work. Christian Science practitioners will exclusively choose faith healing over medical treatment. As an organization their members are often criticized for this practice but still maintain that prayer is superior to medical science in treating illness.

In my own experience I always advise clients to pursue medical treatment while simultaneously receiving healing sessions. I’m not concerned with “what works.” I believe that underlying energy is always at the root-cause of all illness but finding all the underlying energies can be difficult, at best.

While I do believe that a persons beliefs can be changed to result in healing, and chakras can be cleansed, etc. I also know that it is important to help people with the best possible care available. And that care is often medical treatment.

When to See A Doctor

Some practitioners of psychic healing are completely against seeing a doctor. Other practitioners only believe that doctors should be contacted for treating emergencies. My own view is, If it hurts I’m going to the doctor.

Let’s take headaches as an example. My belief is that the energetic root-cause of headaches is that two or more beliefs are in conflict. The person experiencing the headache is really experiencing the effect of the two conflicting beliefs trying to contend with one another.

On several occasions I’ve helped people with migraine headache symptoms reduce the frequency, intensity or even eliminate them altogether. I do this by addressing the conflicting beliefs and energetically removing the conflict.

This then results in the person having a greater awareness of her own beliefs and acceptance of her internal conflicts, and finally letting them go.

However, I would never recommend anyone to completely give up their medications for any medical condition without consulting their physician. When someone begins to experience a release of symptoms from disease or illness, only then do I suggest consulting with their physician to discuss further action.

When To Use Healing

My personal feeling of when to use healing is, Always!

My first choice when I get a headache is to try using energy work. But if that doesn’t work immediately and if I need to function that day I have no problem reaching for an aspirin. Although I often try not to use them whenever possible.

I’ve personally worked with people on a wide variety of symptoms with varying degrees of success. But when combined with proper medical treatment I have never heard of or read any study to find psychic healing treatments to expose any risk to a persons health.

So as you’re developing your own psychic abilities I’d encourage you to explore your own healing abilities on your self and on others. You may be surprised to learn that you can have a positive effect on the health and well-being of people.

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