How To Remove Bad Karma

The common belief of Bad Karma is that if we have done wrong to another person, that at some point in the future we will incur an equal amount of wrong to ourselves.

But that isn’t quite how it really works in the world of karma. So let's take a look at how karma really does work and how to remove it if you're experiencing the effects from the past.

The concept of karma comes from the belief in reincarnation. In this belief we are born over and over again. In each of these lifetimes we are doing some good and some bad. And it is the karmic debt which must be repaid at some point in the future, either in the present life or a future life.

But this commonly held belief is not quite accurate about how the process really works. This is why some people feel like they are always doing good but nothing good ever comes back to them.

Understanding Karma

An easy way to understand karma is to think about it as Emotional Energy. When emotional energy is in flow, everything just naturally works out. But when that energy becomes stuck is when Life begins to bring events and experiences our way that match that stuck energy within our Self.

When we are happy and excited the emotional energy is fluid and moving. Typically we rarely have moments like these that ever become “stuck” because as we are involved in whatever experience is happening. We are, “in the moment”. We are present and aware.

By contrast, let’s look at an example of when some personal tragedy happens to us. One of the first things that happens for most people when a personal tragedy occurs is to try to emotionally deny the event. Logically it cannot be denied that a loved one has just past unexpectedly or that they have suffered some assault. But emotionally it is often normal for many people to go into emotional denial as an initial reaction.

In this example it’s the denial that causes the suppression of emotion, or stuck energy. It then becomes the stuck energy, within lifetime after lifetime, that becomes the catalyst of all karma.

But to really understand bad karma let’s take a look at how Cause and Reaction make their way into becoming karma.

Let’s say that I am a soldier or warrior in many lifetimes. It is my job to defend my homeland and the people that I love and care for in my land. I serve my superiors with honor and although I have taken many lives in the course of my lifetimes I have no remorse and no stuck energy because I served with pride and honor for a just cause, in my own belief system.

Now in one lifetime I realize that I can use my skills that have been developed as a soldier-warrior but for personal gain. Furthermore, I have a deep-seated belief that hurting others should only be done in defence of home or people. As I begin to do the exact same things I’ve done in other lifetimes as a soldier but this time for personal gain, I begin to experience remorse, regret and other similar types of emotions.

But since I cannot allow myself to feel these emotions and continue to do the types of things that I’m doing, I suppress my emotions and it is that suppressed emotion that becomes the seeds of bad karma.

In reality, bad karma is then spirit within one’s own self that is trying to release the stuck energy. We call to ourselves the life experiences that continue to match the stuck energy in the hopes that the conscious part of our self will finally say, “Enough! I’ve had enough and it’s time to let this go.”

And it is only when we are willing to accept these suppressed feelings and forgive our self and others in our life that we begin to truly heal the karma.

Is It Necessary To Remember Past Lives To Heal?

No, it is not necessary to remember past lives to heal the bad karma of the present. Karma is a present-tense energy. When you release the energy in the present moment it is healing the energy from the past even if you don’t recall the specific event.

And this can also apply to victims of childhood molestation as well. It is not necessary to recall the traumas of the past. But it is necessary to acknowledge the pain and hurt you feel in the present moment in order to release it.

As we release past hurts and traumas, we release the stuck energy within our self. As we release the stuck energy we free the self from the bad karma.

If you are finding yourself in the binds of past karma, find out how we can help. Check out our Services page to learn about our karma clearing services and practices.

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