What Is Karma?

The common understanding of karma is that if you do good things then good things will come back to you. And if you do bad things then bad things will come back to you. And while this sounds simple enough and easy to understand, it isn’t exactly how the principle really works.

The underlying beliefs of karma are based on the concepts of Reincarnation. This means to say that we all live many lifetimes. In each lifetime we carry within us the leftover energy of other past lives.

But more specifically, with each lifetime we carry forward the residue energy from the major events of each previous lifetime. Let’s discuss how this energy is first created and then some ways on how we can start removing the binds from these past karmic ties.

Action Karma

Many people are led to believe that karma is the direct result of action. And the word karma does mean “action” in the language of Sanskrit. However, the resulting karma is created not by the action itself but rather by the self-judgement of the action.

As a simple example let’s examine two soldiers on a battlefield. The first soldier slays his opponent in defense of his homeland. He fully believes that he has done his duty to protect his family and his homeland. He fully and without question feels that he is justified in his actions.

The second soldier also slays his opponent. But he believes that this war was unjust and that this action was wrong. He believes that he should never have been in this war and highly regrets the action of taking another life.

The two soldiers did identical actions. But the first soldier held no judgment, and thus no emotional energy to the action. This soldier incurs no karma.

The second soldier is held captive by his own self-judgement. It is his own self-contempt that now condemns him. And it is this person that is now bound by karma.

Karma as Energy

When we think about what is it exactly that is carried over from lifetime to lifetime, it can only be energy. Most of us don’t receive any inheritance from prior lives. And we can’t take anything physical when we leave the body. It is only the energy that is carried with us and within us.

And this is the great secret to what is karma and how to be free from it. By treating this as simply a “stuck energy” within us we are able to set ourselves from it.

So the question becomes, How do we release stuck energy?

That is something that is much easier to do than to explain. The most natural method of releasing energy stored in the physical and energy body is simply to practice acceptance and forgiveness.

I once studied with a spiritual teacher that would say, “Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life without mental modifications.” For many years I thought this definition of something so profound as Enlightenment was, well just too simplistic.

But as I began to observe my own awareness and the awareness of other people, I began to discover just how profound this statement truly remains to be.

As we release our own “mental modifications” of life, we begin to truly become aware of all of life. This is how to truly become free from karma.

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