How To Find Your Past Life

Curious on how to find your Past Life? Wondering who you were or where you’ve lived before? Ever have that feeling of deja vu, like you’ve been somewhere before even though it’s your first time there?

For most people, by the time that you’ve begun to take an interest in metaphysical spirituality, psychic abilities and other similar topics you’ve already had many past lives. This lifetime is just one of your lives where you’re beginning to become aware of who you are as a multi-incarnation Being.

Getting in touch with your previous lifetime probably won’t be some dramatic event like what’s often depicted on TV. And even for the people that have these vivid recalls involving detailed scenes, they often question if it was really a prior lifetime or if it was just their own imagination.

When you have these recalled memories and feeling sensations it’s actually both, part memory recall and part your imagination filling in the blanks. But this is true of most memories, especially childhood memories.

If you’ve ever shared a childhood memory with a sibling or friend that was also there during the recalled event you both probably won’t agree on every single detail. You may be able to “see” what was happening in your mind or “hear” sounds and voices but your friend that was also there may not agree with your details. However, the one thing that cannot be disputed is how the recall makes you feel now in this present moment.

You may recall a memory and say, “Oh, that always make feel happy.” Or something like a song may trigger a memory and make you feel sad. Similarly, this is the easiest way to find your past life memories, by allowing an emotional trigger to lead you there.

Yes, some of what you will experience will be completely your imagination filling in the blanks. But if you allow yourself to just go with the experience, you may find that much of what you see, hear and feel will come from an actual previous incarnation.

And even more interesting for most people, is the life-experience connections that exist from past life are continued on into this current lifetime. So often by accepting and allowing the emotion, as it was in the memory, it may resolve a situation in the present.

How to Find Your Past Life

The easiest way to trigger a past life recall is to focus on some strong emotion. I suggest making it a positive emotion because you’ll want to re-experience that same emotion from a previous life.

Sit up comfortable in a dimly lit room. Don’t lie down to prevent yourself from falling asleep. Allow yourself to relax by just putting your entire attention and focus on breathing controlled and slowly in and then out.

As your body begins to relax allow your breathing to become easy and normal. Then bring up your emotion by thinking of some event that made you feel this way in this lifetime. As an example, the feeling of when your first child was born.

Now say to yourself, “I’m now going back to a time before this lifetime when I had these same or similar feelings and all was good.” Gently repeat the phrase three times and set your intent on allowing the experience to happen.

As you allow yourself to experience whatever comes up you may experience pictures, sounds, voices or just feelings. Allow whatever happens to be “real” in that moment. It may just be a quick picture or just a phrase or word that comes up. Welcome whatever happens.

When you get something, anything at all, say the phrase, “And what happened next?” Repeat this phrase three times and once again allow the experience to unfold.

The first time that you try this you may only get a fleeting picture or a single word. This is the thoughts and mind trying to protect the belief that we hold that we only have one lifetime. But with repetition you will get more and more information and feelings that comes into the experience.

With practice you will be definitely have the ability to have the certainty that you have lived before because you now how to find your past life.

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