All About Past Lives

Past lives can be a much debated subject but let's explore what are the benefits of being open to the beliefs and views on reincarnation and how they can affect our well-being in this lifetime.

The basic belief of reincarnation is that we've lived before in a different body before this lifetime and that we will live again in another physical body after we die in this lifetime.

The key aspect of this belief is that within each lifetime we carry with us many characteristics from other past lives in energy form. So what that means is that if we didn’t let go or forgive someone for some emotional hurt or trauma from a past life, that hurt can easily be set off in this lifetime.

But unlike just any other normal upset, the new upset from this lifetime also carries all the left over hurt from the past lifetimes. And this is what makes our lives so complicated. Most of the major upsets in our life carry old hurt from previous lifetimes.

This also means that if you have other strong feelings, such as a deep love for someone in a past life, those feelings can also extend over lifetimes as well.

Past Life Friends and Lovers

Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately had an instant connection with that person? It's almost as if you've known that person you're entire life.

From a past life beliefs perspective, that person that you had an instant connection with is someone that you had been with in a past life. And if it's someone that is close to you, that person has probably shared many past lives with you.

The reincarnation view is that all of our significant relationships in our life are significant because we either have shared past lifetimes with that person or we share similar multi-life energy lessons to be learned or experienced.

I recently was introduced to my friend’s new girlfriend. From the moment that I met her I felt like I had known her before. We got along very well, more so than two people that normally have just met for the first time in their lives.

When they left together I examined my own feelings. This sense of connection was indeed a past life reunion with someone that had once been close to me. But in the same instant I realized that in this lifetime we had both agreed, prior to birth, that we would not be together in order to experience different things in this lifetime. And this is often how relationships work with past life friends and lovers.

As we begin to think about reincarnation and the associated beliefs that go along with past lives let’s keep in mind that to live with these beliefs is to live a life of conscious choices. We begin to know and understand that we don’t have to experience everything all at once and there will be many opportunities to get it right next time. But in everything we do we can strive to do our best so that each experience in each lifetime becomes one of inner peace and fulfillment.

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