Is Reincarnation Real?

Reincarnation is the belief that we’ve lived before in a different body and that we’ll live again in a different body after this current incarnation. But there’s much more to be learned from this inter-tangled multi-lifetime drama.

Many people believe that all of our emotional and bodily aches, pains, diseases, illnesses and ailments are the result of some experience or left-over trauma from either earlier in this life or from a previous lifetime. Through hypnosis and past-life regression techniques, many people have even been able to release these binds to the past and begin living healthy normal lives again.

As a hypnotherapist, I’ve done many, many past life regressions on people. I’ve heard some amazing stories and I’ve personally witnessed awesome transformations from people resulting from these sessions.

One of my more interesting experiences was a session with Sheila. She had a phobia of being in closed-in places. Even going into my small office bathroom almost set her into a panic.

During Sheila’s past life regression she found herself in a time of warring villages. She relived the experience of being forced into a small storage space underground by her parents during a raid by another village.

She could feel the panic of hearing the screams of the people above while she could only helplessly wait and cry in the tight space that she was in. Tears came streaming down her face as Sheila relived this experience and told me what was happening to her.

After the session Sheila went into the small bathroom to clean up. She was surprised to find that there was no longer the anxious feeling that was always present in small places. She even closed and locked the door to see if the feeling would surface but it never came back again.

But Is It True?

If you absolutely must know, “Is Reincarnation Real Or Not?” … Well, we may never have a fully convincing answer. Even with all the client experiences and my own personal past-life recalls, I still can’t say with 100% certainty that past lives are real.

The answer to the question of “Is reincarnation real or not real” will have to remain with you. However rather than asking this question, let’s take a different look at the subject.

Why Believe in Reincarnation?

Now here’s an interesting question, and one that’s much more useful than the “Is Reincarnation Real?” loop. Here we can start to look at how we can apply the theory, much like we would apply any math theory to a problem.

Let’s take developing psychic abilities as an example to see how the theory works and why someone might choose to reincarnate.

In this lifetime you may have a curiosity about developing psychic skills. You may even see a faint glow around people naturally and you’ve come to realize that not everyone can see these psychic visions like you can.

Some people may say that your ability to see auras is a gift. Other people with the same gift may feel burdened by what they see. They realize that they can begin to interpret emotions, health and other information from viewing the auras and it becomes to be too much information for them.

But now let’s apply the theory of Reincarnation. In this theory, people that are born with these natural skills and abilities only have them because they worked very diligently to achieve them in many of their past lives.

These skills did not come easily. Rather they were something that had to be refined over and over again with focused attention, lifetime after lifetime.

By looking at our skills and achievements as multi-lifetime accomplishments we can begin to have a renewed appreciation for our talents. It didn’t, “just come easy”.

You worked hard to be able to see the visions that you have now, or to have the intuition that you’ve developed. You can come to appreciate the gifts on a deeper level because we can understand that they are only spiritual gifts to this body in this lifetime.

On a spiritual level, some people choose to come back life after life with the primary purpose of refining their skills in one or more specific areas.

They even go as far as choosing their parents and teachers primary to anyone being born to ensure that their lifetime can be spent refining this developed talent. We see this dedication among young prodigies.

Often when I’m feeling frustrated and feeling like I’m not where I want to be in some skill or area of my life, I like to take a pause and reflect that I’ve probably been doing this a long time as in many lifetimes. I try to remember that, although I want to progress as much as I can in this life, I don’t have to get it perfectly right because I know I’ll have more opportunities in future lives.

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